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So YOU want to be a Hollywood Stuntman!
So you want to know...
WHO performs some of Hollywood's most daring stunts. WHAT it takes to be a successful stuntman. WHERE and how these dangerous stunts are created. WHY these men choose this life of danger & excitement TO ANSWER THESE Questions and more... Join Tara Buckman (Hooper, Cannonball Run) as she hosts this incredible journey with Veteran Stuntman-turned-action-film-director, John Stewart.
If you want to see John Stewart in action, this video is it. The video shows some of his best action and stunts.
Candid interviews reveal an insiders view of this exciting career in the motion picture industry! Non-stop action footage that has left filmgoers worldwide on the edge of their seats from death-defying height falls, heart-stopping helicopter stunts, spectacular fire gags, hair-raising car jumps & motorcycle stunts, John Stewart relives 12 years of action in one incredible fast-paced show!

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The directing debut of Stuntman John Stewart Not Available in Stores!
Barri Murphy, William Hubbard Knight William Smith
Pretty young Barri Murphy witnesses a gangland rubout, compelling her to head for the hills. The killers want to silence Barri for keeps, not only because of what she's seen but because of possible retaliation. You see, the victim was Barri's boyfriend. The fox-and-hounds pursuit ends up in Texas, allowing for mucho car chases and smashups.

No doubt about it: Action USA delivers what the title promises. PS: Are you surprised that Cameron Mitchell and William Smith are in the cast?

Not Available in Stores:
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